LEGO: less is MORE {Research in Simplicity}

In her article, called “Simplicity as a Driver for Agile Innovation“, Margarita highlights that standard investigation topics in IT, such as complex architectural design and computacional complexity are only of secondary and ancillary importance.

Achieving a sufficient level of maturity across components, connections, interoperation, and evolution is a complex and highly interdisciplinary task that requires technological knowledge and deep domain modeling expertise.


The key to success is application of the “less is more” principle, with the goal of treating simple things simply, by a correspondingly simple design reminiscent of Lego blocks: primitive and well defined blocks combine to reliably create complex solutions.

While promising beginnings, this initiative fall short of making mature technologies that simply work a widespread reality. We need extensive research and a clear engineering approach tailored to SIMPLICITY. In this sense, the goal of my PhD research is to analyze Simplicity in the context of Project Management.

I dedicate this article to my friend Neto Pires, a big fan of Lego.

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